Life Experience

It’s frustrating when going for a job interview only to hear, “You don’t have enough experience”.If you are fresh out of college, where are you to get the experience needed to do the job? Most employers want you to have experience.

Experience is important, to a degree, especially in the professional world. Once, after many years of being out of school, I applied to a college and was happy to hear that they were willing to give me credit for ‘Life Experience’, because I had certainly racked up a bit of knowledge and know how from raising children, developing the natural skills I possessed and creatively carving out ‘me time’ while maintaining a  relationship with God!

I was extremely focused with whatever I was doing. I made sure that I’d set realistic goals for each week and followed through on them. As a result, I had begun to set higher and loftier goals all within the reality of life as a stay at home mom. Everyday, I began to weed out what was necessary activity from what was unnecessary activity.

In the midst of the dailiness of it all, life happened; as we all know. There were challenges and set backs, as well as the unexpected. There were some days that were down right bordering on the impossible! Throw a little sadness and loss into the pot and your world can come crashing down around you.

There is so much one can learn from life’s experiences, but one must pay very close attention to not only the events that are occurring, but the lessons learned from them. Even one’s mistakes can serve to teach valuable lessons.

Over the years, I found that keeping journals of my life experiences was helpful in ways that I hadn’t then realized. I was always writing and keeping record of all the events in my life from childhood. I became an author before I knew what one was.

It is with pleasure and joy that I am now able to share some of my experiences with the world at large. It has been a tremendous blessing to get the wonderful feedback from all who read my books. I’ve enjoyed book signings and guest speaker engagements, so graciously provided by God himself!

There’s value in life experience! May you record your own stories, good and bad. May you learn valuable lessons that they have to offer, and may you too one day share some of them with the world!

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Called To Suffer
Making Sense of abandonment,
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To Be Called
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Achieving The Beautiful Bond Designed For Female Friendships

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In Tune With God

Ever so often, I step back and take a look at the past year, months and weeks to see if I see a common thread running through my life. I’m looking for confirmation of God’s pattern of involvement in my life. That’s important to me. In doing so, I see the areas of my life that’ll  need improving, as well as  areas of strength God is using.

Lately, I’ve been connecting the dots and they are moving in one direction; this direction concerns how, when and where, I am to use what He has so graciously given me, gift wise. It is so easy and tempting to make independent decisions concerning your gift. It’s easy to come to the conclusion that since God has blessed you with a certain skill or ability, you can now decide on your own what to do with it. WRONG! You are not left on your own to choose!  To be effective and valuable to the body of Christ, you will have to let God direct you and guide you. After all, He’s the giver of the gift! He knows better where, when and how you should use it.

God has a goal in mind concerning spiritual gifts. He knows under what circumstances you will be able to do your best work. He knows who is in need of what He has given you and He knows how it will bring Him the honor and glory He’s after.

We live in a world where anytime is the right time. That’s the same worldly concept Jesus’ brothers gave him. They felt that He should go to Judea when everyone else was going because it would be the perfect time to show what He could do. In John 7:6, Jesus says to His brothers, “My time has not yet come, but your time is always ready.” Jesus was referring to His death and resurrection. That would be the time when His true glory as God’s son would be revealed.

How does God want to reveal His glory through you? When, where and how is He desiring to do it? To answer this is to understand what being  in tune with God means. It is by obedience and prayer that one stays in tune with God. It will take work, but it is necessary work.

There is nothing more gratifying than to be led by the Holy Spirit in all that you do. There is nothing more satisfying than to have God’s confirmation on everything you do, every place you go and even with whom you do it.

The Holy Spirit never makes a mistake. We, on the other hand, well…that’s another story. You can always Trust His guidance. May we aim at being in tune with Him!

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Good Books

   Fall is officially here!  There are certain things that I like to do when Fall arrives. I love finding new projects to knit and to craft.         

   Over the summer, I took a break from song writing and singing. I dedicated the summer to reading books! I love to read! I read books on crafting, marriage, autobiographies of women who survived hardships as well as a book about a woman and her travels on a freighter ship.

   One of the books I read was ‘Led By Faith’. You can find this book at iBooks. It is the sequel to IMMAACULEE ILIBAGIZA’s book, ‘Left To Tell’. She is a survivor of the Rwandan Holocaust. If her story doesn’t inspire you, nothing will!  Another book I read was: ‘Grandma Tell Me A Story’ by Edith Bennett MacLelland, whom I know. She tells stories of her travels around the world and the things that God showed her. Her book is found at and iBooks.

   I am still reading books going into the Fall. I just finished, a few days ago, ‘The Scrapbook’, by Carolyn “Amaria” Smith. It’s a wonderful collection of Poems and Spoken Word pieces. Her book is at Publish America. I found poetry that I could relate to in her book. She is insightful and I say this because I know her as well.

   It’s wonderful to cuddle up with a good book. I am told that ‘Readers Are Leaders! There is so much that one can learn, if they would only read material that would enhance their life. That’s the sole purpose for which I read. There’s always something to learn, especially about having faith in God.

   So, Fall is here! What plans do you have for this season? Think about picking up some inspiration at your local book store or online. If all else fails, you might be interested in a story of one woman’s journey to faith entitled: ‘Called To Suffer’ at

***Keep an eye out for my New Book entitled:

‘To Be Called Girlfriend Is a Privilege’

scheduled for December 2013!***

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